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Salt Water Heals






Join the local surf & paddle board community for a morning dose of "Gulf Therapy." Let's tackle mental health issues with a simple recipe - saltwater, sun and sand. Paddle out with the community, connect with others and embrace the healing qualities of the Gulf. Salt water is truly therapeutic and the most natural and easily accessible form of therapy available to mankind. It is the perfect solution for a balanced life. You will leave a Gulf Therapy session feeling alive and cleansed. Whether you are a first time paddler or a seasoned paddler, this group is for you! We work together to provide support and instruction when needed.


Gulf Therapy is founded by Amanda Abbott and partnered with Tyler "TK" King of Adventure 30A, who supplies the board rentals. We are grateful for our community and strong supporters like the YOLOBoard Tribe, The 30A Company, and Whole Life Fitness. Gulf Therapy is a bi-monthly event the first and third Friday of every month at 7am at the Western Lake boat launch on Hotz Avenue & the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Grayton Beach, Florida. 

Not only do they connect people to the salt water and its therapeutic qualities, but they also support those who may need additional layers of therapy by collaborating with local mental health & wellness specialists. Gulf Therapy’s goal is to provide a platform to help people both on and off the water. Your donations will help us connect people with a healthcare professional while continuing Gulf Therapy's outreach in the community.

Gulf Therapy Sessions

Group Sessions


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Reserve Board

Adventure 30A & Gulf Therapy board reservations are a $10 donation. Gulf Therapy is free if you bring your own board.

“If we can help just a couple of people who are battling depression or mental illness and have them connect with paddle boarding as a release, then we have succeeded,” says Amanda Abbott, Gulf Therapy founder. 
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Amanda Abbott

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