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Gulf Therapy's goal is to provide a platform to help people both on and off the water. When someone needs a little more support we can align them with local mental health and wellness specialists. Sometimes finding a therapist can be stressful, both mentally and financially. We like to make this an easy process and allow you to try out other forms of healing until you find what works for you. Services could include, but are not limited to, talk therapy, edmr, guided meditation, hypnosis, life coaching, breath work, Reiki, specialized massage to help pull trauma out of the body, or even just a traditional massage to help you unwind. Donations also allow us to continue to buy paddle boards in order to get more people on the water. Salt water heals and every bit helps! 

*Some restrictions may apply. If you are a local therapist or specialist and would like to be part of our roster, please reach out. Gulf Therapy is a Florida 501c3 Nonprofit and a tax receipt can be relayed upon request*

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